Ensuring application, product quality with optimized testing cost and effort.

  • testing-compliance-assurance
  • Testing, Compliance and Assurance

    Products and software are evolving day by day and becoming more smart and complex with a need to interact with variety of elements in the ecosystem to provide great experience to customers. In order to provide superior user experience to customers, Testing must provide complete assurance for device, solution as well as the entire ecosystem. Our Testing, Compliance & Assurance Service helps Technology houses like manufacturers, OEMs and service providers roll out high-quality products and solutions through a comprehensive set of Test offerings. We also help them in scaling up customer base and product offerings by supporting customization and automation.

    • Product testing
    • Software testing
    • Test automation
  • Our Testing services span

    • End-to-end Functional Testing
    • Non-Functional Testing –Performance, Stability, Reliability, Availability, Scalability
    • Certification and Pre-certification of hardware and software systems
    • Regulatory Compliance and Localization
  • testing-compliance-assurance

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